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Charlemagne's Treasure

The year 804 - Following the victory of Charlemagne and his troops at the battle of Montuzet, a precious object was left at the monastery in homage to this triumph.

The responsible monks took care of it century after century, until its destruction of the monastery during the French Revolution.

Unfortunately, there has been no trace of this priceless treasure since. The people of Plassac firmly believe in the local legend which says that this object is most probably still in the commune and at Monconseil-Gazin, we think that it might even be on our estate...

It's up to you and your team to decipher the wine-themed riddles, codes and puzzles, which will lead you to Charlemagne's Treasure and which will allow you to escape from our century-old cellar.

Have fun with friends or family... Enter an unprecedented adventure, a unique place in the Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux appellation, 10 minutes from the Blaye Citadel!

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